Aruba Retirement Visa

Complete list of all possible reasons, and places, to retire in Aruba

Aruba, nestled in the embrace of the Caribbean Sea, is a paradise that appeals to retirees with its pristine beaches, azure waters, and perpetual sunshine. In this guide, we explore the Aruba Retirement Visa and reasons why this sun-kissed haven might be the ideal choice for your retirement dreams.

Aruba has a special residency program for people aged 55 or older who wish to retire in the country. To qualify, the retiree needs a minimum annual income of US$ 56,200 from a pension or other legal source and must own a home on the island. Retirees and pensioners are eligible to apply for a special permit when meeting special criteria (age + income). The country also offers a special tourist visa that allows retirees to stay on the island for a total of 180 days (6 months). Non-residents who own property in Aruba can request an extension of stay, and the maximum amount of time that a non-resident can remain in Aruba is 180 days. Non-residents who request an extension must have travel insurance for the duration of the stay. Aruba has high-quality health care, and there is a full-service hospital in the capital, Oranjestad. The island has a warm, dry climate and offers endless stretches of white sand beaches, spectacular turquoise water, and striking desert landscapes.

Permanent Retirement in Aruba

While Aruba doesn’t offer a standalone retirement visa, retirees can obtain a Dutch residence permit. Understanding the eligibility criteria and essential conditions is key to embarking on this journey.

Eligibility Criteria for Retirement

The Aruba Residence Permit is essential for retirement. Depending on your financial situation, eligibility criteria vary.

Retired with Guaranteed Income Status:

  • Age Requirement: 55 years or older
  • Pension Income: Monthly pension income from abroad
  • Annual Income Threshold: Equivalent to at least AWG 50,000
  • Interest Beneficiary: Interest beneficiary from an investment fund
  • Deposit Criterion: Interest earnings from a deposit of Afl. 50,000
  • Income Source: Authorized bank in specific countries

Retired or Interest-Rate Earner without Guaranteed Income Status:

  • Age Requirement: Adult, aged 18 or above
  • Financial Proof: Annual sum of Afl. 100,000 from bank balances, investments, or real estate leases

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Essential Documentation for the Residence Permit

Required documents include the application form, income statement, bank account statement, and legal documents for first-time applicants.

Duration and Renewal of the Residence Permit

The residence permit is typically issued for a year, renewable under the same conditions if requirements are met.

How long does it take to get an Aruba Retirement Visa

The processing time for an Aruba Retirement Visa application varies depending on the individual’s situation and the workload of immigration. On average, it can take between 4-6 weeks from the submission of all required documents, but in some cases, it may take longer. It is recommended to apply well in advance before the desired date of entry to allow for any potential delays.

Navigating Employment as a Retiree in Aruba

Retirees in Aruba cannot engage in income-yielding work activities without a separate work permit.

Financial Landscape: The Cost of Embracing Paradise

Aruba’s beauty comes with a cost. While living expenses may be slightly high, the experiences justify the investment.

Monthly Expenses

Basic monthly expenses range from $1100 for individuals to $3750 for a family of four, excluding rent.

Housing Investments

Rent prices are reasonable, ranging from $680 to $1250 for apartments. Real estate purchase prices range from $4100 to $140,000 per square meter.

Prioritizing Health and Well-being

Aruba’s healthcare system offers both public and private options, ensuring comprehensive care for residents.

Choosing Your Retirement Sanctuary

Aruba offers eight picturesque regions, each offering unique attractions for retirees.

  • Oranjestad: Vibrant architecture and family-friendly activities
  • Palm Beach: High-rise hotels and water sports
  • Eagle Beach: Serene atmosphere and soft sands
  • San Nicolas: Tranquil living away from the city
  • Malmok: Snorkeling paradise with clear waters

Can a Retiree bring their Family with them to Aruba with a Retirement Visa

Yes, a retiree can bring their family members with them to Aruba with a retirement visa. Spouses and dependent children under the age of 18 can accompany the retiree on their dependent visas, provided they fulfill the necessary requirements, which include proof of valid health insurance coverage and passing a police background check.

Embrace Your Retirement Dream in Aruba

Aruba promises retirees an enchanting retirement lifestyle with tranquility and adventure. The Aruba Retirement Visa opens doors to a celebration of nature, culture, and serenity on this picturesque island.