Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

Learn about Croatia digital nomad visa, eligibility criteria, application procedures, costs, and the benefits.

Exploring the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa offers an opportunity for remote workers to enjoy Croatia’s natural beauty and rich history while maintaining their professional commitments. In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the intricacies of obtaining this visa, from eligibility criteria to application procedures, costs, and also the benefits that await those seeking a nomadic lifestyle in Croatia.

Understanding the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

The Croatia Digital Nomad Visa, officially known as the Temporary Stay for Digital Nomads, allows non-EU/EEA nationals to live and work in Croatia as freelancers or remote workers for up to a year. It provides temporary residence for foreign freelancers and entrepreneurs. While commonly referred to as a “digital nomad visa,” it primarily serves freelancers seeking a year-long stay in Croatia.

Benefits of the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

The Croatia Digital Nomad Visa offers several benefits:

    • Tax Exemption: With the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa, you’re exempted from double taxation. Then this means you won’t be burdened with additional Croatian taxes if you’re not working for a Croatian employer.

    • Extended Stay: Valid for a year and renewable, the visa provides ample time to explore and immerse yourself in Croatia’s culture, traditions, and captivating landscapes.

    • Freedom of Work: Embrace the freedom of choosing where and when you work. As a digital nomad, you’re your own boss, setting your pace and workspace.

    • Path to Citizenship: The visa also paves the way for future prospects. After five years of residing in Croatia, you become eligible for permanent residency, eventually leading to Croatian citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

To qualify for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa, ensure you meet these criteria:

  • Non-EU/EEA Citizenship: This visa is available to citizens of non-EU/EEA countries.
  • Stable Monthly Income: Demonstrate a steady monthly income of approximately €2,300 (HRK 17,822.50). If accompanied by family, an additional income of 676,30 kuna/month (about €90/month) is required.
  • Self-Employment or Freelancing: Applicants must be involved in self-employment or freelancing outside of Croatia’s workforce.

Documents Required for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

The meticulous compilation of necessary documents is therefore vital for a successful application:

    • Application Form: Fill out the application form, either online through the Croatian Ministry of Interior website or in person at the embassy or consulate.

    • Valid Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your visa’s expiration date.

    • Proof of Income: Furnish bank statements indicating your monthly income as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

    • Health Insurance: Display comprehensive medical insurance coverage for your stay in Croatia.

    • Purpose of Visit: Clearly state your intention to visit Croatia for freelancing purposes.

    • Clean Criminal Record: Provide a certification confirming your clean criminal history, obtainable from your home country.

    • Temporary Residence Proof: Present a booking confirmation or rental agreement with a Croatian landlord.

Application Process for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

Navigating the application process entails the following steps:

    • Complete Application Form: Depending on your chosen method, complete the appropriate application form.

    • Gather Documents: Collect the required documents, ensuring their accuracy and completeness.

    • Enter Croatia and Register: Upon approval, enter Croatia. Within three days of your arrival, register your temporary residence at the nearest police station.

Costs and Processing Time of the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

The costs and processing time vary based on application method:

    • Embassy/Consulate Application:
        • Granting Temporary Stay: HRK 420 (Around €55)

        • Digital Nomad Visa: HRK 460 (Around €60)

        • Residence Card: HRK 310 (Around €40)

    • Police Station Application:
        • Granting Temporary Stay: HRK 350 (Around €45)

        • Administrative Fees: HRK 70 (Around €10)

        • Residence Card: HRK 240 (Around €30)

        • Urgent Residence Card: HRK 450 (Around €60)

    • Online Application:
        • Administrative Fees via Internet Banking: HRK 350 (Around €45)

        • Residence Permit via Internet Banking: HRK 240 (Around €30)

        • Urgent Residence Permit via Internet Banking: HRK 450 (Around €60)

Processing time usually spans one month, influenced by factors such as verification duration and then specific requirements.

Navigating Taxation: A Key Advantage of the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

Meanwhile, a paramount benefit of the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa is the exemption from Croatian income taxes when working for a non-Croatian company. However, eligibility for this advantage hinges on factors such as your home country’s tax regulations and also Croatia’s agreements with tax treaty countries.

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Embrace the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

With the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa, then your journey to a nomadic Mediterranean lifestyle becomes an achievable reality. As you delve into the rich history, captivating landscapes, and also azure waters of Croatia, remember that this visa not only offers professional flexibility but also the opportunity to call this enchanting country your second home.

What Is the Process for Submitting an Appeal For a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Application?

To submit an appeal for a rejected Croatia digital nomad visa application, follow these steps:

  1. Within 15 days of receiving the rejection notice, prepare a written appeal in Croatian explaining why you disagree with the decision.
  2. Include any supporting documents that were not previously submitted with your initial application.
  3. Submit the appeal to the responsible Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Croatia. The appeal must be in Croatian; however, if there is no certified court interpreter for Croatian in your country, an appeal in English may be accepted.
  4. Pay the fee of 320 KN, approximately 43 EUR or 51 USD, for the appeal procedure.
  5. The Division for Visas of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs will review the appeal within 60 days from the date of receipt.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the decision on your appeal, you can further lodge a lawsuit at the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia within 30 days from receiving the decision on the appeal.

Ensure that your appeal is well-documented and clearly states why you believe the decision to reject your visa application was unfounded. Be prepared to wait for a response during the appeal process.