Hungary Permanent Residence Permit

Guide to acquiring a permanent residence permit in Hungary.

Hungary offers a pathway to stability and opportunity through its Permanent Residence Permit. This guide provides a detailed overview of the process, empowering you to navigate this journey effectively.

Understanding Hungary Permanent Residence Permit

The Hungary Permanent Residence Permit signifies Hungary’s commitment to welcoming foreign nationals and integrating them into society. It grants the right to reside in Hungary long-term, fostering a sense of belonging and enabling personal and professional growth.

To obtain a permanent residence permit in Hungary, third-country nationals need to meet the following conditions:

– Have a place to reside in Hungary and sufficient means of subsistence.
– Have comprehensive healthcare insurance or enough income for healthcare services.
– Have a residence permit or an interim permanent residence permit.
– Reside in the territory of Hungary for at least three years before the application submission.
– Be a direct relative of a Hungarian citizen, a third-country national with an immigrant, permanent resident, or refugee status, and must have lived in the same household for at least one year before submitting the application.
– Be the spouse of a Hungarian citizen, a third-country national with immigrant status, a permanent resident, or refugee status, and have been married for at least two years before applying for a permanent residence.
– Be a formerly Hungarian citizen with a terminated citizenship or a Hungarian ascendant.
– Be a minor child of a third-country national with the status of an immigrant, permanent resident, or refugee.
– Have a residence permit in accordance with the interest of Hungary.

The first step is to apply for a temporary residence permit, then after three years, you can apply for permanent residence. After eight years, you can then apply for citizenship. The processing time for obtaining permanent residency can take 1 to 2 months.

Attaining Permanent Residence in Hungary

Foreign nationals can obtain a permanent residence permit in Hungary after demonstrating commitment through regular residency.

Types of Hungary Permanent Residence Permits

Hungary issues permanent residence permits for employment, education, and family reunification purposes.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet conditions regarding residence, subsistence, healthcare coverage, existing permits, interest alignment, residence duration, and family ties.

Navigating the Application Process

Securing a Hungary permanent residence permit involves strategic steps and careful preparation.

Essential Documents

Required documents include a valid passport, recent photograph, proof of family status, criminal record certificate, means of subsistence, accommodation proof, and health insurance.

Requirements for Minors

Additional documents are necessary when applying with minors, including the child’s passport, photograph, and legal impediment certificate.

Applying for Permanent Residence

Applications can be submitted electronically or in person, following specific procedures.

What are the Benefits of having a Permanent Residence Permit in Hungary


Having a permanent residence permit in Hungary comes with several benefits:

Travel within Europe: With a Hungarian permanent residence permit, you can travel around Europe without needing visas, as Hungary is part of the European Union.

Renewable Permit: The Hungarian permanent residence permit is issued for life, although the cards need to be renewed every five years.

Work and Study: As a permanent resident, you can live, work, or study in Hungary without limitations or extra permissions.

Family Reunification: You can reunite with your family members in Hungary under certain conditions.

Healthcare: You must have comprehensive healthcare insurance or enough income for healthcare services.

Property Ownership: Owning property in Hungary can demonstrate your commitment to the country and support your application for permanent residency.

Citizenship Eligibility: After holding a permanent residence permit for five years, you can apply for Hungarian citizenship.

Extended Rights: You will not need a work permit anymore, making it easier to find employment that suits you well.

Ease of Services: With a Hungarian address card, you can access more services in Hungary, such as public healthcare enrollment, mobile phone services, and easier procedures for banking and driving licenses.

Visa-Free Travel: You have the right to enter any Schengen country without a visa and stay there for 90 days within 180 days.

Overall, having a permanent residence permit in Hungary provides stability, freedom of movement within the EU, and access to various rights and services that enhance your quality of life in the country.

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The Processing Period

The processing time typically ranges from 1 to 2 months.

Safeguarding Your Permanent Residence

Adherence to regulations is essential to maintain the integrity of your permanent residence permit.

Embarking on the Path to Hungarian Citizenship

After five years of uninterrupted legal residence and fulfilling conditions, applicants can pursue Hungarian citizenship.

What are the differences between a Temporary and Permanent Residence Permit in Hungary

The primary differences between a temporary and permanent residence permit in Hungary are their durations, eligibilities, and associated rights:


– Temporary residence permits are typically issued for periods ranging from one year to five years, depending on the purpose of residence.
– Permanent residence permits are valid indefinitely, subject to renewal every five years.


– Third-country nationals can apply for temporary residence permits based on various factors such as employment, education, family reunification, or business activities.
– Third-country nationals can apply for permanent residence permits after meeting specific requirements, such as having a place to reside in Hungary, sufficient means of subsistence, and completing three years of legal residence in Hungary.

Associated rights:

– Temporary residents enjoy fewer rights than permanent residents, often requiring a work permit and facing restrictions regarding family reunification and travel.
– Permanent residents benefit from greater freedoms, including the right to work, study, and live in Hungary without limitations, the ability to apply for Hungarian citizenship, and enhanced travel privileges within the EU.

In summary, a temporary residence permit offers limited rights and a shorter duration, whereas a permanent residence permit grants broader rights and an ongoing status in Hungary. Obtaining a permanent residence permit becomes increasingly beneficial once the qualifying requirements are met.

The Hungary Permanent Residence Permit opens doors to opportunity, stability, and growth. Armed with knowledge, you can navigate the process and embrace a future in Hungary filled with promise.