Hungary Visa Requirements

Guide to Hungary visa requirement, application process, and strategies

Before embarking on your journey to Hungary, it’s essential to grasp the intricacies of the visa requirements. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the application process, necessary documents, and strategies for a successful outcome.

Hungary Visa Requirements

Applying for a Hungary visa requires attention to detail to ensure compliance with all prerequisites. Whether you’re planning to explore Budapest or immerse yourself in Hungary’s culture, meeting the visa requirements is crucial for a favorable decision from the embassy.

Hungarian citizens intending to visit other countries for tourism or business for up to 90 days are eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) if they have a valid Hungarian passport or identity card. For periods longer than three months, a residence permit is needed. If you are planning to travel to Hungary, you need to have a valid passport with at least 2 blank pages, valid for at least 3 months after the expiry date of the requested visa/ not older than 10 years. Non-Jordanian applicants must also provide a legal residence permit valid for at least 1 month after the return date of the intended trip. You also need to provide other documents such as a completed and signed application form, one recent passport-size photo, travel insurance, round-trip flight ticket reservations, hotel booking/proof of accommodation, employment letter/proof of business ownership, bank statement, and proof of finance for all costs relating to the trip. All documents must preferably be presented in ORIGINAL, preferably in English. Applications have to be submitted at least 14 working days before the expected date of departure. The Embassy of Hungary has the right at any time to ask for further supporting documents and/or call the applicant for an interview.

Overview of Required Documents

Understanding the documents needed for a Hungary visa is fundamental. Here’s a comprehensive list:

  1. Hungary Visa Application Form: Complete accurately and select the correct visa type and language.

  2. Passport: Ensure validity for at least three months beyond your departure date, with two blank pages.

  3. Photograph: Follow Schengen Visa photo standards.

  4. Schengen Travel Insurance: Coverage of €30,000 for medical expenses valid throughout the Schengen Area.

  5. Travel Itinerary: Include flight details and confirmation of departure from Hungary.

  6. Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservations, Airbnb bookings, or invitation letters.

  7. Cover Letter: Purpose of travel, employment status, and other relevant details.

  8. Documents of Civil Status: Birth, marriage, divorce certificates, etc.

  9. Financial Means: Bank reference, statements, translated if necessary.

  10. Payment of Hungary Visa Fee: €80 for adults, €40 for children aged 6-12, free for children under 6.

Specifics for Minors

Additional requirements apply when applying for a Hungary visa for minors:

  • Birth certificate
  • Parent’s income proof
  • Copies of parents’ IDs
  • Notarized parental consent if applicable
  • Documents for unaccompanied minors
  • School reference letter for school-going minors

Submission Guidelines and Apostille Stamp

Adhere to these guidelines:

  • Documents in Hungarian, English, or translated and notarized.
  • A4 format, with untranslated first and last names.
  • Certain documents require an apostille stamp, obtainable from relevant authorities.

Strategizing for Success

Follow these strategies for a successful visa application:

  • Scrutinize specific requirements for your visa type.
  • Ensure accuracy in completing forms and providing information.
  • Assemble required documents as per the checklist.
  • Prioritize Schengen Visa photo specifications.
  • Procure comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Construct a detailed travel itinerary.
  • Provide compelling proof of accommodation.
  • Draft a clear and genuine cover letter.
  • Substantiate civil status and financial stability.
  • Adhere to payment guidelines.

What are the requirements for a Hungary Work Visa

Foreign nationals who are not citizens of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) need a combined residence and work permit to stay and work in Hungary. The work permit will be valid for two years, after which it can be renewed if the employment relationship still exists. The family members of the employee can also become Hungarian residents through the “family unification” process, which can typically be started after the main applicant has received their work permit. The main applicant’s spouse and underage children (younger than 18 years old) can apply. The application process involves submitting a valid passport, biometric data, an application, and documents that prove that the employment criteria are fulfilled. The competent regional directorate of the immigration authority in Hungary will assess the application, during which the authority requests the official opinion of the competent employment center, whether they support the employment of the applicant. The employer has to submit a work permit application to the competent employment center by filling out a standardized form. Unless exceptions apply, the issuing of the work permit depends on whether there is available workforce among Hungarian or EEA-country nationals who meet the necessary requirements applicable to the position concerned as set out in law. The decision-making in a single application procedure takes a maximum of 90 days. If approval is given for the single permit, a visa entitling the holder to receive a residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment will be issued at the embassy. Even if a work permit is not required, a residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment is still necessary.

Mastering the Hungary visa requirements sets the stage for a smooth journey to your desired destination. By fulfilling all prerequisites meticulously, you enhance the chances of a favorable decision from the embassy. Armed with this guide, embark on your visa application journey with confidence.