Latvia Golden Visa

Latvia Golden Visa: Your Ultimate Guide to Obtaining Residency and Citizenship

Considering a new start in Europe with a high quality of life and investment opportunities? Latvia’s Golden Visa program offers residency or citizenship through strategic investments. This guide explores the Latvia Golden Visa, detailing its benefits, investment options, and the pathway to permanent residence and citizenship.

Latvia Golden Visa Overview

The Latvia Golden Visa enables individuals to obtain Latvian residency or citizenship by investing in the country. It’s aimed at those seeking to relocate to Europe through investment.

Investment Options for the Latvia Golden Visa

Business Investment

  • Invest €50,000 in a small capital company.
  • Invest €100,000 in a larger capital company or its subsidiaries in Latvia.
  • A state fee of €10,000 applies, and the investment must be maintained for five years.

Real Estate Investment

  • Purchase property valued at least €250,000, plus 5% in government fees.
  • Property must be registered in Latvia with a minimum cadastral value of €80,000.
  • Agricultural and forest land are excluded.

Bank Deposit

  • Deposit a minimum of €280,000 in a Latvian bank for five years.
  • An additional government fee of €25,000 is required.

Government Stocks Investment

  • Purchase a minimum of €250,000 in government bonds for five years to pursue citizenship.
  • A state fee of €38,000 applies.

Benefits of the Latvia Golden Visa

  • Access to Latvia’s dynamic economy and quality of life.
  • Schengen travel privileges.
  • Flexible residency requirements.
  • Temporary residence permit valid for five years.

Applying for a Latvia Golden Visa

  • Select an Investment Type: Choose the option that suits your goals and budget.
  • Payment and Budgeting: Pay the necessary fee to the State budget.
  • Investment Finalisation: Complete your investment according to the chosen option.
  • Temporary Residence Permit Application: Submit the required documents for a temporary residence permit.
  • Document Submission: Provide supporting documents for your application.

Permit Retrieval: Collect your temporary residence permit upon approval.

Consulting a financial advisor is recommended to navigate the investment and application process effectively.

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Requirements for Latvia Golden Visa

To stay in Latvia for longer than 90 days, individuals can apply for a type D long-stay visa, also known as a national visa. This visa can be issued for 3 to 12 months, allowing for activities such as work, study, and family reunification. If planning to stay longer than a year, a temporary residence permit is required, obtainable at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs or a Latvian embassy.

When applying for a long-stay (D) visa for Latvia, the following documents are typically required:
– Valid travel document issued within the last 10 years with at least two blank pages
– Completed and signed online application form
– Recent passport-size color photo
– Insurance policy valid in all Schengen countries with coverage of at least 50,000 USD
– Proof of legal residence in the USA (if applicable).

Path to Permanent Residence and Citizenship

  • Permanent Residence: Eligible after five years of residence in Latvia, requiring familiarity with the Latvian language, history, and the national anthem.
  • Citizenship: After ten years, you may apply for Latvian citizenship, demonstrating knowledge of the Latvian language and history.

The Latvia Golden Visa program offers various investment pathways for those seeking residency or citizenship in this European nation. With strategic investments in businesses, real estate, banks, or government bonds, you can start a new chapter in Latvia, enjoying its culture, prosperity, and opportunities.