Russian Business Visa

Comprehensive guide to applying for a Russian Business Visa, who can apply, the requirements.

In the globally interconnected economy, Russia presents significant business opportunities. For those looking to engage in business activities within Russia, obtaining a Russian Business Visa is a crucial step. This guide outlines the application process, eligibility, and key considerations for securing your visa efficiently.

Overview of the Russian Business Visa

The Russian Business Visa facilitates entry into Russia for business purposes, such as meetings, negotiations, and exploring business opportunities. It is available for up to 90 days and can be single, double, or multiple-entry, with multiple-entry visas valid for up to one year.

Eligibility for a Russian Business Visa

The visa is intended for foreign nationals seeking to conduct business activities in Russia. Exemptions exist for nationals from countries with bilateral agreements with Russia and APEC Business Travel Card holders, who may enjoy streamlined entry processes.

Applying for a Russian Business Visa

To apply for a Russian Business Visa, you will need to follow specific requirements and procedures. Here is a summary based on the search results:

Documents Required:

– Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and two blank pages.
– Application form.
– Passport-type photograph.
– Business visa support documents.
– Supporting letter from your company.
– Applicable fee.
– Additional documents may be required for non-UK passport holders.


– A letter of invitation from Russia is required, which must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its representatives.


– Biometric data is required for Russian visa applications made in the UK.


– The application process involves submitting documents at the visa center, including biometric data scanning.

Validity and Entries:

– Business visas can be single-entry valid for up to 3 months, double-entry valid for up to 3 months, or multiple-entry valid for up to 1 year.

Processing Time:

– Processing time for a business visa invitation might take from 14 to 20 working days.

Important Notes:

– Business visa invitations must be requested in advance and supported by an invitation from the Ministry of Interior.
– Holders of a valid visa in a current or second passport must present it for cancellation upon submission of a new visa application.

Remember to carefully review all requirements and ensure that you have all necessary documents before applying for a Russian Business Visa.

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Upon Arrival in Russia

  • Immigration Card: Fill out upon entry and keep your portion throughout your stay.
  • Visa Registration: Register your visa if staying longer than seven days, typically handled by your hotel or host.

Required Documents

  • Visa Support Documents: An official invitation from the Russian government or a registered Russian organization.
  • Passport and Photos: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your trip, and photos meet the specified criteria.

Visa Fees and Processing Time

Visa costs and processing times depend on several factors, including your nationality and the urgency of the application. Typically, processing takes around 10 days but can vary.

A Russian Business Visa opens the door to numerous opportunities within Russia’s vast market. By following the outlined application process, gathering the necessary documentation, and understanding the visa’s requirements and exemptions, you can embark on your Russian business venture with confidence.