Schengen Visa Fees

Understanding Schengen Visa Fees and Payment

When embarking on a journey to the Schengen Zone, the intricacies of the visa application process might seem daunting. Among the essential aspects that applicants need to grasp is the Schengen visa application fee. This fee is not just a mere formality; it’s a critical component that ensures the smooth processing of your application. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the depths of Schengen visa application fees, from costs to exemptions, providing clarity on how to navigate this crucial step with confidence.

The cost of a Schengen Visa varies depending on the applicant’s age and nationality. Here is a summary of the Schengen Visa fees based on the provided search results:

  • Standard Schengen Visa Fee: The standard fee for an adult applying for a Schengen Visa is €80. Children between 6 to 12 years old pay a reduced fee of €40, while children under six can apply for free.
  • Nationality-Specific Fees: Nationals from specific countries may have different fees. For example, nationals from Russia have a fee of €40, and nationals from Armenia and Azerbaijan pay €35.
  • Exemptions: Certain categories of applicants are exempt from paying the Schengen Visa fee. This includes children under six, holders of diplomatic passports traveling for official purposes, family members of EU/EEA nationals, students, teachers on school trips, researchers, and representatives of non-profit organizations under 25 years old.
  • Payment Methods: The visa fee can typically be paid in cash, debit or credit card, check, or bank order. The exact payment method may vary depending on the embassy or consulate processing the application.
  • Additional Costs: Apart from the visa fee, applicants may encounter additional costs such as visa processing fees by third-party service providers, travel insurance, translation services for documents, and courier or mailing fee.
  • Multiple-Entry Visas: The cost for a multiple-entry visa is the same as for a standard short-stay visa (€80 or $90).

It’s important to note that the visa fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the visa application is approved or not. Additionally, any extra service fees charged by visa application agencies are also non-refundable.

Schengen Visa Costs

The Schengen visa application fee is a necessary investment that underpins the processing of your visa request. Without the payment of this fee, your application will not proceed further. But how much does a Schengen visa cost? Let’s break down the fee structure for different categories of applicants:


  • Amount in EUR: 80.00€
  • Amount in USD: $88.53
  • Amount in Indian Rupee: 6,540.29

Children (6-12 years old)

  • Amount in EUR: 40.00€
  • Amount in USD: $44.26
  • Amount in Indian Rupee: 3,270.14

Children (younger than 6 years old)

  • Amount: Free

Holders of Diplomatic Passports Traveling for Official Purposes

  • Amount: Free

Family Members of an EU/EEA National

  • Amount: Free

Students and Teachers During a School Trip

  • Amount: Free

Researchers and Scientists Traveling for Professional Reasons

  • Amount: Free

Representatives of Non-profits Organizations (25 years or less)

  • Amount: Free

Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan

  • Amount in EUR: 35.00€
  • Amount in USD: $38.73
  • Amount in Indian Rupee: 2,861.32

Nationals of Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Albania, Ukraine, and Georgia

  • Fee: EUR 35

Fee Waivers: Who Is Exempt?

The Schengen visa fee is waived for certain categories of applicants, recognizing specific circumstances that merit exemption. These categories include:

  • Children under six (6) years of age.
  • School children, students, postgraduate students, and accompanying teachers embarking on educational journeys.
  • Researchers conducting scientific research.
  • Representatives of non-profit organizations under 25 participating in seminars, conferences, and cultural events.
  • Applicants replacing an old visa with a new one in a valid travel document.
  • Cases advancing cultural, sporting, humanitarian, foreign policy, and development policy interests.

Additional Costs

While the Schengen visa fee forms the cornerstone of your application expenses, several additional costs might arise:

Visa Processing Fees by Third-Party Service Providers

Many Member States utilize third-party service providers like VFS Global and TLS Contact to streamline visa application collection. However, these providers may charge processing fees, sometimes up to 50% of the Schengen visa cost.

Travel Insurance

Schengen travel medical insurance is a requisite for your application. Prices range from €18 to €30, contingent on trip duration, age, and coverage.

Translation Services

Documents must be translated into English or the official language of the Schengen Member State. Certified translations often involve extra fees, varying by country.

Courier or Mailing Fees

After visa processing, you may need to pay for courier services to receive your passport. Costs differ based on location.

Navigating Payments

Paying the Schengen visa fee involves some considerations:

Currency and Exchange Rate

Visa fees are usually payable in the local currency, converted to EUR using the ECB reference rate.

Payment Methods

Accepted methods vary by embassy or consulate:

  • Cash (check specific requirements)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card

Online Payment

Many Schengen countries offer online payment options through their application portals, enhancing convenience.

Refunds and Rejections

Unfortunately, Schengen visa fees are non-refundable, whether your application is approved or rejected. This underscores the importance of thorough preparation.

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As technology advances, so does the ease of paying Schengen visa fees. Online options, varied payment methods, and streamlined processes enhance the experience for applicants. With this guide in hand, you’re equipped to navigate the intricacies of Schengen visa application fees with confidence, ensuring a successful journey to your desired destination.