Spain Visa Fees

Comprehensive guide on visa fees and how to apply for Spain visa.

Embarking on a journey to Spain, whether for leisure, work, or residence, is an exciting prospect that requires careful planning, preparation, and adherence to legal requirements. Central among these requirements is the payment of Spain visa fees.

Unveiling the Spain Visa Fee 

Your pathway to Spain relies on a complex interplay of documents, regulations, and payments. At the forefront of this process is the Spain visa fee—a crucial contribution that facilitates the processing of your application. It’s not merely a monetary transaction; it’s an investment in your journey.

The visa fee for a Schengen visa to Spain varies depending on the applicant’s age and nationality. For adults, the fee is €80. For children between 6 and 12 years old, the fee is €40. Children under 6 years old are exempt from the visa fee. Nationals of certain countries may pay lower visa fees due to reciprocal agreements with the EU. Some categories are exempt from paying the fee at all due to their purpose of the application. The visa fee is non-refundable[.

Deciphering the Varied Costs

The Spain visa fees are not a one-size-fits-all affair. They vary based on several factors:

Visa Type

The nature of your visit dictates the applicable fee. Whether you’re pursuing a short-term sojourn or a long-stay endeavor, the fee structure adapts to match your intentions.

Age Considerations

Age influences the fees. Adults and minors are categorized differently, each with their corresponding fee structure. Additionally, children under six years of age are often exempt from visa fees.

Short-Stay Visa Fees

If you’re planning a brief escapade to Spain under the Schengen umbrella, comprehending the short-stay visa fees is paramount.

– Adults:

Adult applicants, those above 12 years old, are required to pay a fee of €80. This contribution paves the way for your exploration of Spain’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture.

– Minors:

For minors aged 12 and under, the visa fee is reduced to €40. This acknowledgment of their youth offers families a more affordable pathway to experiencing Spain’s wonders together.

– Exemptions:

However, it’s noteworthy that children under six years of age are exempt from visa fees, contributing to the family-friendly ethos of Spain’s visa system.


Long-Stay Visa Fees

Should your aspirations involve a more prolonged presence in Spain, a different fee structure applies—a reflection of the extended benefits and opportunities the country offers.

– Student Visa:

Envisioning an academic journey in Spain? The student visa comes with a fee of €141 for US citizens, €83 for Canadian citizens, and €80 for other nationalities.

– Employed Work Visa:

For those seeking employment in Spain, the employed work visa demands a fee of €167 for US citizens, €100 for Canadian citizens, and €80 for other nationalities.

– Residency (Non-Lucrative) Visa:

Embarking on a non-profit venture in Spain? The fee for a residency (non-lucrative) visa is €123 for US citizens, €507 for Canadian citizens, and €80 for other nationalities.

– Family Reunion Visa:

Reuniting with loved ones in Spain? The family reunion visa entails a fee of €123 for US citizens, €507 for Canadian citizens, and €80 for other nationalities.

– Work Visa Except from Work Permit:

For specific work visa categories, such as religious activities or self-employed work, the fee aligns at €123 for US citizens, €507 for Canadian citizens, and €80 for other nationalities.

– Self Employed Work Visa:

Entrepreneurial aspirations leading you to Spain? The self-employed work visa requires a fee of €238 for US citizens, €674 for Canadian citizens, and €80 for other nationalities.

– New Entrepreneurial Law 14/2013:

Navigating the innovative landscape of Spain’s entrepreneurial ecosystem? The new entrepreneurial law 14/2013 visa carries a fee of €167 for US citizens, €100 for Canadian citizens, and €80 for other nationalities.

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Facets of Payment: Clarity and Timing

Understanding the intricacies of when and where to fulfill your visa fee obligations is integral to a seamless application process.

Payment Locations

The destination for your fee payment depends on your country of residence. Consulates and visa application centres become the focal points for this financial commitment.

Payment Methods

When it comes to payment methods, clarity reigns supreme. In most cases, money orders or cashier’s checks are the accepted modes of payment. However, be aware that personal checks, credit cards, and debit cards might not be viable options.

Payment Timing

In the majority of instances, the fee payment coincides with your visa appointment. It’s advisable to be prepared for this financial transaction on the day of your appointment. However, specific countries might necessitate payment either on the day of scheduling the appointment or risk cancellation.

Embracing the Spain Visa Journey

As you embark on your journey to Spain, your visa fee payment becomes an integral chapter in your story. It signifies your commitment to exploring Spain’s rich tapestry of experiences, from its awe-inspiring landscapes to its vibrant culture. By comprehending the nuanced fee structure and adhering to payment guidelines, you position yourself for a successful visa application—a voyage that promises memories, growth, and new horizons.